What are fractional bullion coins

What are fractional coins?

Gold Bullion coins come in all shapes and sizes and fractional coins offer accessibility and flexibility for your Bullion collection.

In the past, precious metals such as gold and silver were currency in themselves. Nowadays, the everyday coins in our pocket contain very little of these precious metals. However, Bullion fractional coins are different – they contain gold, silver, platinum or palladium.

Unlike circulation coins these Bullion coins are in fact made out of precious metals, in sizes that make the precious metals market more accessible and affordable for more people.

The amount of precious metals in these Bullion coins is measured by weight, and fractional gold coins are those that contain less than 1oz of gold – usually around 1/2 oz or less. For example, the Britannia 1/10 oz Gold Bullion Coin or Britannia 1/4 oz Gold Bullion Coin are both examples of gold fractional coins.

What is the value of a fractional coin?

Fractional coins are not intended for circulation. These coins are legal tender but their face value is far below that of their actual worth as Bullion. Their value lies in their intrinsic value, as fractional amounts of precious metals.

What are the benefits of fractional coins?

Fractional coins are a more flexible and affordable way of buying gold or silver. They are a more accessible way to add to your portfolio as they offer a lower entry price point.

They can help break your Bullion portfolio down into smaller amounts, which are can make it easier to buy and sell. For example, if you have 1oz coins and wanted to cash these in, you would only have the option to convert a minimum of 1oz, and no less. With a fractional coin, you could convert half or quarter amounts also.

The Royal Mint’s Britannia range

All of our gold Britannia coins are struck in 999.9, 24 carat fine gold and can be purchased individually in single credit card sized packaging with a protective blister to protect and store your coin. Additionally our 1 oz Britannia gold coin can be purchased in tubes of 10 coins and our 1/4 oz Britannia gold coin can be purchased in tubes of 25 coins.

The Britannia fractional range includes:

  • 1/10 oz Gold Bullion Coin
  • 1/4 oz Gold Bullion Coin
  • 1/4 oz Gold Bullion of 25 Coin Tube
  • 1/2 oz Gold Bullion Coin

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