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What can history tell us?

When to buy gold
The gold price can vary - even over a short period of time. Because of this, many ask 'when should I buy gold?'. As you can imagine, this is a complex question.
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2016: Annual Review

bullion 2016 news
Our annual year in review takes a look at some of the most popular bullion news stories from 2016. A year which included both Brexit and the US Election.
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Metal fineness explained

The nature of gold
When it comes to precious metals, we will have all heard of terms like sterling silver but what do they actually mean when it comes to the fineness of the metals?
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How rare are precious metals?

gold facts
The best known precious metals are of course gold and silver, which have both been made into currency and objects of art since before recorded history began.
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Financial Hedging Explained

Financial Hedging and Bullion Explained
You may have heard of hedging your bets but what is financial hedging and how can it be used to insulate your portfolio against a volatile market?
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What is a Troy ounce?

what is a troy ounce why troy ounce gold
Trading in precious metals such as gold and silver is usually by weight and often in troy ounces. What is a troy ounce and how does it differ from a 'normal' ounce?
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Bull and Bear Markets

how bear and bull markets work with gold
Are you a bull or a bear? Here we explain what bull and bear market trends and how this affects investment trends within the gold and precious metals market.
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Gold Silver Ratio Explained

what is the gold silver ratio
The value of gold and silver bullion has generally risen and fallen in relative tandem over time; where gold goes, silver follows but what is the gold silver ratio?
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What is the Gold Fix?

When is the time to buy gold
If you’re new to the gold market one of the first things you’ll need to get to grips with is the gold 'fix price' and how it applies. Here’s what you need to know
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What was the Gold Standard?

what was the gold standard
Gold was once one of the central ways for a country to control its currency value. Here, we look at the rise and fall of the gold standard and why it is no longer used
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The Journey of Gold

The Journey Of Gold from ground to mint
What are the different ways that gold’s mined, what happens once it’s extracted, how does it go from ore to a form where it can be used as a useful storage of wealth?
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When to Buy Gold

When to buy gold
Gold is traditionally seen as a safe haven, a port in a storm, a store of value when war, disorder, famine or pestilence seems close at hand.
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The Properties of Gold

what is gold the properties of gold
Gold is a metal with practical uses, yet the vast majority of gold ever mined has been consumed as either jewellery, a financial asset for individuals or backing for the world’s monetary system.
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The Question of Ownership

Do you own gold
No-one deposits cash in a bank expecting those very same notes and coins to eventually be returned to them. What of gold? Does the purchaser “own” a specific bar or coin?
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Gold price fluctuations

What causes the price of gold to fluctuate and change
From supply and demand to changes in the economic climate, what factors influence the price of gold?
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What are fractional coins?

What are fractional bullion coins
Gold Bullion coins come in all shapes and sizes and fractional coins offer accessibility and flexibility for your Bullion collection.
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How to Buy Gold

how to buy gold online
Once someone has decided on a purchase, the obvious question is – how to buy gold?
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