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Including Gold in your Pension

how to include gold in your pension
Thinking ahead to your retirement? UK citizens who are looking to enhance their SIPP or SSAS could benefit from certain tax relief by purchasing gold.
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Financial Hedging Explained

Financial Hedging and Bullion Explained
You may have heard of hedging your bets but what is financial hedging and how can it be used to insulate your portfolio against a volatile market?
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Gold or Silver for Investment?

gold silver investments
Two of the most traded commodities that professional investors look to are gold and silver bullion, but what is the appeal of one over the other?
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Bullion & Capital Gains Tax

gold and cgt capital gains tax
The Sovereign, gold & silver Britannia and Lunar bullion coins are exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for UK residents - what does this mean for an investor?
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Tax on Bullion Coins

tax on bullion
Tax on Bullion coins Gold, silver and other precious metals can maintain special positions in the market in relation to tax regimes.
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Silver & Gold VAT Explained

Silver And Gold VAT explained
Why do I pay VAT on silver but not on gold and when are my gold and silver bullion and coins subject to Capital Gains Tax?
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