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Queens Beasts Dragon Coins

The Queen’s Beasts Red Dragon of Wales Bullion Coins

The latest addition to our Queen’s Beasts bullion range takes its inspiration from centuries of royal heraldry. The background for this range comes from the coronation of Her Majesty The Queen, where ten heraldic beasts stood guard, The Queen’s Beasts, sculpted by James Woodford RA for the coronation ceremony.

The coins each depict one of The Queen’s Beasts, reimagined by Royal Mint coin designer Jody Clark. Jody also created the most recent definitive coinage portrait of Her Majesty to appear on United Kingdom coins. The Celtic dragon represents sovereignty and power. The Welsh dragon was used in the Royal Arms in the sixteenth century and the Red Dragon of Cadwallader is the emblem of Wales. This is the third in a series of ten designs that will celebrate each of The Queen’s Beasts.

Queens Beasts Dragon Coins

The Royal Mint’s established bullion portfolio continues to grow with a new series of gold and silver bullion coins. The coins each depict one of the The Queen’s Beasts, taking inspiration from hundreds of years of royal heraldry and re-imagined by Royal Mint Coin Designer Jody Clark. His bold interpretations of the Dragon of Wales are the third coin in the series to be released.


The full range of Queen’s Beasts Dragon coins are now available including the 1 oz (in both single and tube quantity) the 1/4 oz single gold coin and silver 2oz in both single and tube quantity.

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