Queens Beasts Coins

Queen’s Beasts Coin Release

The Royal Mint is launching a new investment-grade bullion coin which is the first in a range called the ‘Queen’s Beasts’ series. Part of a heraldic collection of designs based on the 10 beasts as featured in Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1953, Royal Mint Bullion is launching the series, starting with the Lion of England.

The Queen’s Beasts Lion of England will be available in 1 oz. and ¼ oz. gold and for the first time,  a 2oz silver coin, struck  to 999.9  fineness, providing a new option to invest.

As well as being available online, the coins will be distributed globally through The Royal Mint’s global distribution partners and will be available from end March 2016 on www.royalmintbullion.com.

Each of the series of coins will depict one of The Queen’s Beasts, reimagined by a highly-praised new talent, Royal Mint Coin Designer Jody Clark. Jody created the fifth definitive coinage portrait of The Queen appearing on United Kingdom coins from 2015. His bold interpretations of the Lion of England will be the first coin to be released.

In advance of this release, interested parties can register their interest through the following link

Chris Howard, Director of Bullion at The Royal Mint says –

“We are very excited about this release and are confident that the Queen’s Beasts series will be a global hit. The first coin featuring the Lion of England has been designed by Jody Clark in-house at The Royal Mint as have the remaining 9 beasts. The series resonates with a global trend in bullion investment-grade coins and will have strong world-wide appeal.”

In addition to the 2oz silver coin, we will also be striking a 1oz and ¼ gold version.