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July 2016 Market Review

August 2016 Bullion News
Bank of England interest rates and gold, Central banks increase gold buying throughout June and a golden year for Britain’s oldest manufacturer
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Including Gold in your Pension

how to include gold in your pension
Thinking ahead to your retirement? UK citizens who are looking to enhance their SIPP or SSAS could benefit from certain tax relief by purchasing gold.
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Interest Rates and Gold

bank of england interest rates and gold
The Bank of England will meet today to discuss interest rates, a decision which could have repercussions on the gold price and national and international markets.
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Brexit & Gold – Results

EU Referendum Gold Price Vote
We asked our users how they think gold and other precious metals could be affected by the possibility of a 'Brexit'? View the results here.
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May 2016 Review

gold bullion market news
The World Gold Council releases the Q1 demand trend report, central banks are loading up on gold and we ask - how much gold is there in London - and the world?
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April 2016 Review

Euro EU Gold Brexit
Gold price could 'explode' if Britain votes for Brexit, China's new gold fix is launched and jewelers in India are reopened following earlier strikes.
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March 2016 Review

when to buy gold when should I buy gold
Germany to repatriate half its gold by 2020, the UAE takes a tough stance on counterfeit Sovereign sales and gold demand falls across India.
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February 2016 Review

Gold price rises by over 24% amid concerns over the possibility of a 'Brexit' & the World Gold Council releases its latest demand report.
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January 2016 Review

August 2016 Bullion News
Gold price set to rise amid market volatility, tension in Asia causes a gold price rally and The Sovereign 2016 Bullion coin is released on the Royal Mint Bullion trading platform.
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2015: Annual Review

December 2015 Bullion News
Our annual year in review takes a reflective look at some of the most notable Bullion news stories from 2015, from the revival of the historic RMR brand to the release of the cast 1 kg gold bar.
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November 2015 Review

November 2015 Bullion News
The World Gold Council Releases its Gold Market Update for Quarter 3, 2015, China still on a gold ‘buying spree’ and could there be a goldmine in Britain's sewers?
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October 2015 Review

October 2015 Bullion News
Germany lists all its gold in 2,300-page document, The Gold Kilo Bar is released, India’s gold consumption overtakes China’s, Venezuela may be forced to sell 80 tonnes of gold.
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September 2015 Review

September 2015 Bullion News
Gold prices rally as Federal Reserve maintains interest rates, silver shortages spark investment upsurge, and China National Gold Group Co joins World Gold Council.
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August 2015 Review

August 2015 Bullion Review
Europe becomes ‘world’s leading bar and coin market’, Russia continues to stockpile gold, China reveals that reserves continue to expand and gold surges as Fed delay an interest-rate rise.
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July 2015 Review

July 2015 Bullion News
China shocks by revealing bullion reserves, 4,7 tonnes of gold sold in just 2 mins, gold price drops as dollar strengthens and as gold dips, silver surges.
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June 2015 Review

royal mint bullion news of greek exit
Grexit uncertainty sparks gold rush, The Royal Mint launches Signature Gold and China plans yuan gold fix.
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May 2015 Review

May 2015 Bullion News
Russia resumes its stockpiling of gold, China establishes a $16bn gold fund, demand for European gold increases and silver heats up.
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April 2015 Review

April 2015 Bullion News
Gold demand among central banks set to remain strong, China sees boost in popularity for gold and sales of silver jewellery in the US are up.
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March 2015 Review

When is the time to buy gold
China’s rumoured new yuan gold fix to rival London’s, reports that the gold price will double by 2030, the first LBMA auction takes place, and India reduces its tariff on gold and silver.
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February 2015 Review

February 2015 Bullion News
Gold-fix replacement talks, fears over the Greek exit, a gold slump as China takes a break from buying bullion and Belgium looks to repatriate its gold reserves.
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January 2015 Review

Royal Mint Refinery Bars gold news
Gold and silver bars being sold by Royal Mint for first time in almost half a century, the Chinese go lunar for gold and Bundesbank continues to repatriate its stores.
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