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Our monthly news roundup articles offer you an overview of the latest news in the international bullion market.

June 2015 Review

royal mint bullion news of greek exit
Grexit uncertainty sparks gold rush, The Royal Mint launches Signature Gold and China plans yuan gold fix.
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May 2015 Review

May 2015 Bullion News
Russia resumes its stockpiling of gold, China establishes a $16bn gold fund, demand for European gold increases and silver heats up.
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April 2015 Review

April 2015 Bullion News
Gold demand among central banks set to remain strong, China sees boost in popularity for gold and sales of silver jewellery in the US are up.
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March 2015 Review

When is the time to buy gold
China’s rumoured new yuan gold fix to rival London’s, reports that the gold price will double by 2030, the first LBMA auction takes place, and India reduces its tariff on gold and silver.
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February 2015 Review

February 2015 Bullion News
Gold-fix replacement talks, fears over the Greek exit, a gold slump as China takes a break from buying bullion and Belgium looks to repatriate its gold reserves.
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January 2015 Review

Royal Mint Refinery Bars gold news
Gold and silver bars being sold by Royal Mint for first time in almost half a century, the Chinese go lunar for gold and Bundesbank continues to repatriate its stores.
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December 2014 Review

December 2014 Bullion News Roundup
Save our Swiss gold’ is rejected, Russia and China continue to add to their gold reserves and Christmas sees demand rise for physical gold.
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