Buying gold online

Buying Gold Online

Gold may be the world’s oldest monetary asset but these days it is traded using 21st Century technology.

Buying gold online is increasingly popular, for a number of reasons, and even traditionalists in the Bullion world accept that it brings a number of advantages.

First and perhaps, foremost, buying and selling gold online is fast and flexible, with none of the time-consuming rigmarole associated with traditional Bullion trading. Many such services operate round the clock and round the calendar.

Second, the dealership is in a position to get good prices, as it is buying in large amounts and, being staffed by professionals, its people know the Bullion market well.

Then there is the question of storage. Few houses come equipped with their own strong-room. Buying gold online includes the option of leaving the gold in a vault, allowing the buyer to relax, given that all the worry of looking after it is being shouldered elsewhere.

An added advantage of using The Royal Mint’s secure, discreet and confidential Bullion storage service, The Vault™, is that it is located behind the gates of our secure facility, guarded by trained security staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A fourth advantage to buying gold online is that, despite both the digital nature of the marketplace and the remote storage of the gold, many dealers ensure that each buyer’s Bullion is earmarked, or ‘allocated’, as that person’s own legally-recognised piece of private property (The Royal Mint Bullion is one such dealer).

Three more plus points of selling and buying gold online are:

  • The dealer is in a better position to get good-value storage rates than an individual would be. In turn, the more competitive dealers will pass on some of these savings to their customers.
  • Buying Bullion online usually allows customers to use their own currency, thus eliminating the need and expense of switching into dollars in order to trade.
  • Some online dealing services allow customers to trade directly with each other, cutting out the expense of a professional third party.