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How rare are precious metals?

gold facts
The best known precious metals are of course gold and silver, which have both been made into currency and objects of art since before recorded history began.
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A Brief History of Gold

a history of gold
From the first smelting of gold in ancient Egypt in 3600 BC to gold as a key global commodity. What is the global history of gold & how has the landscape changed?
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What was the Gold Standard?

what was the gold standard
Gold was once one of the central ways for a country to control its currency value. Here, we look at the rise and fall of the gold standard and why it is no longer used
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Why are there dates on coins?

why are there dates on bullion coins?
Following the launch of the 2016 Royal Mint Bullion coin range, we talk to the Director of The Royal Mint Museum, Kevin Clancy about the history of dates on coins.
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