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Our articles and guides should offer a brief insight into some interesting Bullion topics. From gold investment basics to how to store bullion at home, there should be something for everyone.

Cryptocurrency vs. Gold

Royal Mint Bullion examines the key claims made by Grayscale Capital about investing in Bitcoin compared to gold following the #DropGold campaign.
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June Market Update

June Market Update
June 2017 market update including results of the General Election and the latest gold news from India and the USA
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Queen’s Beasts Lion 10 oz

Queens Beasts Ten Ounce Bullion Coin
The 10 Ounce Queen's Beast Lion measures a sizeable 89.15mm in diameter & is also the largest bullion coin the Royal Mint has ever released.
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April Market Update

Poll Booth
April 2017 market update including the surprise United Kingdom 'snap election', French presidential elections and tensions in Syria and North Korea
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March Market Update

UK EU Flags
Following the results of the Brexit vote last year and the impact on the precious metal market which ensued, will triggering article 50 have a similar effect?
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January 2017 Review

January 2017 gold price recap, worries over a strong dollar and the effect on the gold price and a decline in gold demand in both India and China.
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What can history tell us?

When to buy gold
The gold price can vary - even over a short period of time. Because of this, many ask 'when should I buy gold?'. As you can imagine, this is a complex question.
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2016: Annual Review

bullion 2016 news
Our annual year in review takes a look at some of the most popular bullion news stories from 2016. A year which included both Brexit and the US Election.
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Platinum from The Royal Mint

Platinum bars
The Royal Mint and World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC) to partner on new range of platinum investment products in 2017.
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October 2016 Review

Donald Trump Election
Our post-Election market roundup looks at some of the highs and lows of the last month and possible future market position predictions.
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September 2016 – Review

Gold Jumps on August US Jobs Data, September Gold Price Fluctuations, Strengthening Demand in India for Gold and US Presidential Debate
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Metal fineness explained

The nature of gold
When it comes to precious metals, we will have all heard of terms like sterling silver but what do they actually mean when it comes to the fineness of the metals?
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A history of Vaults & Storage

Vault Storage
At The Royal Mint, our own vaults are used to store precious metals and coinage, but there are numerous vaults around the world, with a wide array of different uses.
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August 2016 Market Review

When is the time to buy gold
Indian gold imports drop, discussion around the US Fed continues, first gold 'poured' from Scottish mine and a new method of gold recovery from electronics
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A checklist for gold and silver

checklist for gold and silver bullion purchases
Many people choose to invest in gold and silver, however investing in such metals involves taking a number of factors into account, such as storage and costs.
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How rare are precious metals?

gold facts
The best known precious metals are of course gold and silver, which have both been made into currency and objects of art since before recorded history began.
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Eight interesting gold facts

eight interesting gold facts
Did you know vast quantities of gold exist in the ocean and gold medals awarded at the Olympics have not been pure gold since before World War 1
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Post Brexit Market Review

Brexit Referendum and Gold
For this months market roundup we look at some of the precious metal stories on the run up to the EU referendum and the situation following the result.
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Interest Rates and Gold

bank of england interest rates and gold
The Bank of England will meet today to discuss interest rates, a decision which could have repercussions on the gold price and national and international markets.
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Brexit and the impact on gold

Election or referendum in Great Britain. British and European Union flags in background.
Towards the end of last week many commodities fell sharply in response to the EU referendum vote - but what happened to precious metals?
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Financial Hedging Explained

Financial Hedging and Bullion Explained
You may have heard of hedging your bets but what is financial hedging and how can it be used to insulate your portfolio against a volatile market?
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