Monthly Archives: April 2016

How else is silver used?

solar panels which use silver in the cells
Apart from investment - what other uses are there for this precous metal and how does demand in the market affect the price paid by investors?
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The Other Precious Metals

gold coins and bars
Even though gold is very popular, it isn’t the only precious metal you can buy. There are a myriad of other metals, each with their own uses and options.
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Gold & silver: facts at a glance

royal mint refinery gold bar
Did you know that gold never rusts? And that silver is best reflector of visible light? Find out more about the most famous of precious metals
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Taking care of coins and bars

gold silver investments
One of the reassuring things about owning gold is that it is a physical commodity. Once you have bought it, the question arises of how to look after it and store it
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The wonderful world of gold

chocolate coins edible gold
When we think of gold, we think of bars stored in huge bank vaults - what other forms does gold take and can someone use gold to communicate or even eat?
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March 2016 Review

when to buy gold when should I buy gold
Germany to repatriate half its gold by 2020, the UAE takes a tough stance on counterfeit Sovereign sales and gold demand falls across India.
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