Monthly Archives: March 2016

Queen’s Beasts Coin Release

Queens Beasts Coins
The Queen’s Beasts range provide a new option for those looking to invest and also include a two-ounce silver coin – a first for Royal Mint Bullion.
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What makes metals precious?

what makes metals precious
Precious metals are not just rare metals. They also have had a powerful effect on human history, and gave rise to the very concept of ‘money’
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Gold Silver Ratio Explained

what is the gold silver ratio
The value of gold and silver bullion has generally risen and fallen in relative tandem over time; where gold goes, silver follows but what is the gold silver ratio?
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A Brief History of Gold

a history of gold
From the first smelting of gold in ancient Egypt in 3600 BC to gold as a key global commodity. What is the global history of gold & how has the landscape changed?
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February 2016 Review

Gold price rises by over 24% amid concerns over the possibility of a 'Brexit' & the World Gold Council releases its latest demand report.
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