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What is the Gold Fix?

When is the time to buy gold
If you’re new to the gold market one of the first things you’ll need to get to grips with is the gold 'fix price' and how it applies. Here’s what you need to know
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What was the Gold Standard?

what was the gold standard
Gold was once one of the central ways for a country to control its currency value. Here, we look at the rise and fall of the gold standard and why it is no longer used
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Gold & Silver: A Buyer’s Guide

Struggling to decide between gold or silver? Don’t know whether you’re best off buying coins, bars or Signature Gold? Find the answers in this simple buying guide
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5 Surprising Gold Finds

5 Surprising Gold Finds from across the world gold bullion finds
Gold is found all over the world, but giant nuggets are rare, we take a look at where it’s most abundant and some of the more unusual discoveries.
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The Journey of Gold

The Journey Of Gold from ground to mint
What are the different ways that gold’s mined, what happens once it’s extracted, how does it go from ore to a form where it can be used as a useful storage of wealth?
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When to Buy Gold

When to buy gold
Gold is traditionally seen as a safe haven, a port in a storm, a store of value when war, disorder, famine or pestilence seems close at hand.
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The Properties of Gold

what is gold the properties of gold
Gold is a metal with practical uses, yet the vast majority of gold ever mined has been consumed as either jewellery, a financial asset for individuals or backing for the world’s monetary system.
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How to store your bullion

How to store gold and silver bullion safely
Whether you’re storing your coins and bars professionally or at home, you’ll need to ensure your Bullion is properly protected from theft and damage.
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January 2016 Review

August 2016 Bullion News
Gold price set to rise amid market volatility, tension in Asia causes a gold price rally and The Sovereign 2016 Bullion coin is released on the Royal Mint Bullion trading platform.
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